PHP Development

More at Less!
PHP is a powerful language for creating dynamic, interactive web pages. Moreover, PHP is open source,which means you do not have to pay for its licensing and hosting. No wonder that the number of websites using PHP development has increased exponentially over the past few years.

However, you need so much more than an interactive site. This is where the expertise of SSS IT adds value. We focus on your customers and, thus, the usability of your website. Our PHP development is oriented to fully meet the needs of the users of your website.

We have dedicated project managers, who will work closely with you from understanding exactly what you want, to keeping you updated and also helping you with suggestions and query resolution. We provide value for money. The two things that count at the end of the day are the total project time and your time and effort. Both these are greatly reduced when you choose SSS IT Pvt.Ltd. for PHP development.

The Integrated Approach:

SSS IT has sound processes in place to ensure high quality development, on time. We review every line of code,with the intention of providing clean,workable and efficient codes.We focus on providing web solutions that have all the necessary features and are truly scalable. We follow the CMMI level 3 benchmarks. According to this, our processes have a holistic approach and do not consider you as merely a project.Our management and software engineering activities are standardized and documented. These activities are planned and test documents are reviewed. The testing group is separate from PHP developers and the test results determine if the software is ready.

Why SSS IT for Your PHP Development Needs ?

Our team of PHP developers has years of experience, with the cumulative experience being more than 100 man years. Thus, we are very comfortable with any functionality that you may require. From simple websites to comprehensive ecommerce sites to complex online applications, we have done it all. If you require site extensions, we have expertise for that.We can create high performance web systems with great confidence. Our PHP development experience also puts us in a place where we understand your requirements faster and better. We can incorporate your ideas in your website or Internet application with greater accuracy.The approach is collaborative -we bring in ideas and suggestions, and hence adding value to your application. With a keen eye on detail,our PHP developers will create for you a platform or application that is in total sync with your business model and practices. We go a step beyond and gain a keen understanding of your customers and align your website to their needs.We stay abreast of the latest developments in technology.We encourage our developers to be active in the PHP community, so that our team is not merely the consumers of PHP tools, modules, extensions and add-ons, but are contributors in creating them.

PHP Application Development

PHP is an open source language that is used widely in the creation of dynamic web pages. PHP forms a part of essential LAMP bundle.LAMP architecture is used widely in the PHP web application development.SSS IT is a professional PHP development company that is involved in the offshore php development that involves php s/w development and php web development. MySQL can be used along with PHP to build applications that are driven by database.

The clients can change and customize the applications to use for the exact requirements of the users. SSS IT Technologies is a php website development company that focuses on php software development and php web development. PHP web application development is done perfectly through platforms such as MAC OS X, Windows and Linux. You may outsource php development requirements to SSS IT in order to offer an environment that is more stable and compatible with the environment. As an offshore PHP development company in India, we are focused in delivering our clients with flexible options to outsource PHP development in order to gain maximum profit in their business.